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‘People buy from People’ is a phrase still used widely today, even in a world increasingly dominated by technological solutions, digital platforms and click-of-a-button sale & purchase agreements. Even something as important, valuable and fundamentally essential to one’s life as contracting a deal on your home can be done online and with seemingly stress-free processes. Are we in danger of losing the one thing that has stood the test of time, through all types of trade and commerce, the fact that people buy from and through people they trust?

Many companies struggle to find a USP (unique selling point) as they push for elbow room in their market space. The “how to stand out in a crowd” issue for any new business. When we set out on our journey in March 2004, fellow co-founder Richard Digance and I knew exactly what we wanted to do and, with our company name, set our stall on how we would pitch our business ethic in the world of Estate Agency: The PERSONAL Agent. There, it says it in three words.

19 years on, we continue our development, operating in a region of Surrey we love and know so well. So, we will now share why we are the PERSONAL Agent; let us prove how we are YOUR agent. With OUR people upholding the company standards and profile, we are engaging with existing and new clients to share our experiences, our knowledge and to listen to questions, comments and ideas to support you.

Welcome to this, a first in a series of new BLOGS that we will deliver via the website and social media. Richard and I want you to meet and understand OUR people, the processes of buying and selling, the issues that will be faced and how we help with experts and professional support. We want to show how the Personal Agent is working in the community, with charities, schools, sports clubs and other associations.

We will listen to what our clients have to say and we will be delighted to involve any willing participants in our Blogs, Podcasts and interviews as we take a tour of our offices, our staff and look at some of the most important elements of the work we do and how we act as The Personal Agent.

You will see on our website some great detail already about our history and some key resources. We want to expand on these in small snippets of media content to be read and enjoyed at your leisure. Please read more here.


Rupert Briggs

About the author

Rupert Briggs | Director, Epsom

Hi, my name is Rupert and I’m the owner and Director of The Personal Agent Ltd. Richard and I launched The Personal Agent in 2004 with a vision of it being a very different kind of agency. Having worked for local estate agents, we knew what the market was looking for – a personal service tailored to the needs of those who trust us with their properties, one that genuinely listens, adapts, and consistently delivers on its promises. I am passionate about ensuring that each and every landlord and vendor we work with only ever receives the very best in service, marketing and cutting-edge innovations to ensure that they achieve their property goals and we live up to their expectations.