7 Things To Check When Buying A House

7 Things To Check When Buying A House

When you are looking around a house, you may have your own checklist of key features based on personal preferences. Good sized kitchen, a driveway big enough for two cars etc.

But there are some things that may slip your mind. We want to help you with that with 7 things to check when buying your house.

Storage options

A house as a whole acts as storage for you but it’s everything that you’re going to bring with you that needs a place to go. In particular if you are downsizing, it is important to know that everything can fit in your new home. Cupboards, utility rooms, drawers or even a whole loft, as long as you can get all your stuff there, this house passes the test.

Which way the house faces

If you are someone who likes a lot of natural light in your home, this may be one of your highest priorities. The difference between a light and welcoming front room versus a dark and uninviting one is monumental.

This is also an important factor for the keen gardeners as your plants may suffer as a result or a badly exposed lawn.

Window quality

They say “the eyes are the window to the soul”, well, windows are the window to a house.

The state of the windows can tell you more than you would expect. One of the most important features of any home, if the current vendors have taken the time to care for them, they will most likely have taken the time to care for everything else too. Things to look out for are growing mold, condensation between panes and small cracks. Small problems like these can become bigger problems down the line. Well cared-for windows are the sign of a well cared-for house.


There are a number of alarms that should be essentials in the house. Smoke alarms, burglar alarms, carbon monoxide detectors… whatever it’s for, it should be there to help you.

If your current home is fitted with any form of anti-theft system, whether it’s a burglar alarm, SmartWater or what-have-you, it is a risk moving to a property that doesn’t have a similar system in place. Getting something fitted can add an extra expense so it’s best to be prepared.

As for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, it goes without saying but there is no place for complacency with these. Carbon monoxide can be deadly – what’s worse is that it can sometimes go unnoticed. If the house you are looking at has a carbon monoxide detector already in place, that is one less thing to worry about come move-in day.


Key things to take away from the house you are looking at: water pressure, how old the boiler is, how good the radiators are and if the pipes are made from lead.

When buying a house, you should never have to compromise. For the radiators, they need to work to your satisfaction, otherwise you will find yourself saying ‘we will just wear an extra layer in the colder months.’ If the radiators don’t work, you would be in for a very long and chilly winter!

The state of the roof

On the subject of having yet another large expense just after moving in, would you want to move into a house knowing that you would have to very quickly replace the entire roof?

Roof replacements are a big task and can cost up to several thousand pounds. To avoid this, you will want to check how old the roof is, what material it is made of and also the shape. Flat roofs that are not properly installed and cared for are more likely to suffer water damage which is the last thing you would want in your new home.

Quality of brickwork/exterior of house

If the foundations and exterior of the house are looking worse for wear, you may want to just turn around and look somewhere else. A shaky and crumbling exterior is as near a guarantee as you need to know that the interior probably pass muster.

Don’t be afraid to get stuck in with your checking. Be thorough because the more you check, the fewer surprises you will be in for once you’re moved in.

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