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With Halloween round the corner, it’s time for another frightening edition of the Personal Agent local property news. This time, we’ll be looking at some of the spookiest buildings in the Epsom, Ewell, Stoneleigh and Banstead area.

The Haunting of Ewell High Street

The William IV Inn – now closed and replaced by an Italian restaurant – is an old Victorian building on the high street. Witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly coach and horses outside, who would then descend from the coach and enter the building through its closed doors.

And you can’t really blame them for wanting to take advantage of the fantastic eating opportunities in the Ewell area, which make Ewell such an attractive and popular place to live.

The Watch House is now claimed by some to be haunted by the spirits of men who died while being incarcerated there.

Also on Ewell High Street, a small building known as The Watch House which used to function as the local jail, as well as the store for the local hand-operate fire engine (pictured below). Luckily fire services in Ewell today are much more reliable.

The Watch House ewell

This property at Mintwater Close, Epsom is just a 5 minute walk from Ewell East station and Ewell high street.

mintwater close epsom property

St Mary’s Churchyard, Ewell

Some allege that the churchyard here is haunted by some persistent plague victims, but don’t let that stop you from looking into the property around the church, one of the most desirable areas in Ewell Village.

church street ewell

This spacious property on Church Street is located ideally in the heart of Ewell Village.

The Personal Agent, Epsom

Our first office used to be a butcher shop many years ago. We dug some photos from the old days and, admittedly, some of them look quite spooky. However, nothing intimidates us and we’re up and running the business every day from morning till late evening.

old butchers shop epsom

the personal agent office epsom


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