Living In Epsom Satisfaction Survey

26th Feb, 2019

Epsom Survey

We have updated the Epsom Town Neighbourhood Watch page!

This page contains information about Epsom as well as an interactive postcode map of the area along with data collected by the Personal Agent from Epsom residents about life in the town.

We hope that both current and prospective property owners will find this useful and informative, as it provides information about the population, the number of households as well as travel times to Epsom station for every postcode, handy for commuters!

The interactive map features information gathered by a survey distributed by The Personal Agent to Epsom residents earlier this year. The data is unique to us and contains feedback from hundreds of local people.

The survey found that the majority of Epsom residents have a positive view of their town, with 57% of respondents saying that they were very happy with their neighbourhood overall. A further 37% described themselves as satisfied with their neighbourhood. As for how family friendly Epsom is, 96% of residents would describe as Epsom is either ‘friendly’ or ‘very friendly’. On top of this, the survey helps to demonstrate how pleased locals are with various aspects of living in Epsom, such as efficiency of the local government, the restaurant choices as well as the cleanliness or the town centre.

The map and survey were produced by The Personal Agent as part of a movement towards a greater wealth of information and understanding about Epsom. The goal is to inform and assure prospective buyers about the local area before moving.

This information will be revisited each year to build a clear and comprehensive picture of the direction that Epsom is moving in. We will be able to understand how the qualities and ways of living in the area are changing.

For those who have participated in the 2018 survey, we want to offer our sincere gratitude for the help and support.

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